Friday, September 12, 2014

Shadows of My Heart.....

For anybody that has been following my stroke and rehab process over at Rehab Ain't for Sissies, you know that I'm now at the point where I am starting to create items again.  Only this time, I am creating what I want and what is on my heart to create rather than what I feel I NEED to create either to make a certain income or to appease a certain section of the public.  This blog is where I am going to start sharing those items and the story behind them and hopefully inspire a few folks along the way. 

I've chosen the name Shadows of My Heart to go along with this time and journey because these are what is on my heart to create and what I'm feeling led to create and also because my faithful friend and four-legged kiddo is named Shadow and she is ALWAYS with me (when she isn't at daycare...yes, I take her to daycare so she can run and play with other dogs and socialize). 

So, keep your eyes open for the beginnings of this fun new adventure! 

Peace, Love & Wags!

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